Performance, strength and durability of kayaks are improved due to the incorporation of graphenic material from Grupo Antolin, making the K-1 of Romankayaks a reference in the market for Premium kayaks

ACM Advanced Carbon Materials, a division of the multinational Grupo Antolin ( dedicated to the development and manufacture of advanced carbon materials has developed a specific material to be incorporated into the innovative K-1 kayak of Romankayaks, international producer of high competition kayaks.

Romankayaks participates again this year at the Canoe Marathon World Championships where the company will present the novel K-1 kayak with graphenic material GRAnPH. The marathon will be held from 11 to 13 September in Gyor, Hungary and represents a must for lovers of this sport.


In its firm commitment to research, ACM Advanced Carbon Materials of Grupo Antolin has developed a special line of graphenic material for the sports industry, emphasizing aspects of the products such as strength, toughness, lightness and durability. This material is marketed under the brand GRAnPH.

The raw material of Grupo Antolin for obtaining graphenic products are their own GANF carbon nanofibers consisting of a five graphene ribbons rolled along the fiber axis forming a continuous spiral. Various technological processes turn GANF in graphenic materials GRAnPH which are incorporated into the epoxy resin to create the material base of the kayak.

Romankayaks manufactures the novel K-1 kayak at its facility in Zamora, Spain. A plant equipped with the latest technical developments, supported by a team of experts has produced more than 17,000 units since the start of production.


The use of graphenic materials GRAnPH allows to improve the mechanical properties of thermoset polymeric matrices. Under this premise Romankayaks and Grupo Antolin have developed a material for attaining their novel kayaks with very promising properties.

Among them are significant increases in strength, lightness and hardness of the kayak. The main feature to emphasize is the durability, increasing the resistance to breakage in critical areas of the kayak.


It is no coincidence that Romankayaks and Grupo Antolin have been able to make the highest quality set of development since they share a philosophy based on well-defined values: leadership, passion, integrity and innovation. Furthermore, all materials and manufacturing processes are performed in Spain thus enhancing the MADE IN SPAIN.


For 30 years, designs and manufactures Romankayaks paddles and kayaks of high competition, sensitized to the importance of research in achieving greater sporting success. The company constantly innovates in the components of their products, using the most advanced technological systems, looking for the best performance and quality materials.

All this is possible thanks to the large experience of Jose Luis Roman Mangas, head manager of Romankayaks and paddler at international level for 15 years.

His brother Juan Jose Roman Mangas is the current president of the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation. He entered last month at the Spanish Royal Order of Sporting Merit in its highest category, the Gold Medal.